CDR S.r.l. designs and manufactures its products in compliance with the quality management system under ISO 9001 standards, which envisage constant monitoring of the product through all the roduction stages.


OBLIGATION TO READ THE USER'S MANUAL: at the time of delivery of the goods the final customer  must read the user's manual, to avoid damages at the product.

General warranty conditions

  • CDR declares to the original purchaser that each product manufactured and/or sold by CDR shall be free from defects in material workmanship and, under normal and proper use conditions, warrants it for a period of 12 months from the invoice date or 36 months if you have registered your analyzerIf you want to extend the warranty period to 36 months register your CDR Analysis System and upload a copy of your invoice.
  • CDR's obligation is limited to repairing, replacing or modifying (at CDR's undisputed judgment) at CDR's factory - or elsewhere - the material whose defects have been verified, on condition that the Purchaser has informed CDR of any defects found within 8 days from receipt of the product or from discovery in case of defects which may not be identified in the normal inspection.
  • Damages caused by or connected to transport are excluded. Transport to and from CDR's Factory will be at purchaser's charge and risk and shall be paid also for reshipment.
  • This warranty certificate does not cover those parts which deteriorate or which are considered consumables or those parts or items which by their nature are normally required to be replaced periodically consistent with normal maintenance (including without limitation lamps, cuvettes and caps).
  • Those instruments or accessories, which are supplied by CDR but are not of CDR manufacture will only benefit from the warranty conditions offered by the manufacturer.
  • It's also understood that, following the purchase and delivery of the product, the purchaser shall be deemed liable for any losses, damages or complaints concerning persons or things incurred by the use or misuse of the instrument on behalf of the purchaser, his employees, co-operators or others.
  • CDR does not assume any obligation or warranty engagement concerning precision and/or accuracy of the measurements as well as for any damage to the instrument directly or indirectly resulting from the use of reagents and/or consumables different from those produced by CDR specifically for its own instruments on the same properly tested.
  • To activate the warranty is necessary to register your CDR Analysis System and upload a copy of your invoice.